Friday, May 2, 2008

MS-05 Describe the Oprations Management decisions

I. strategic management decisions include planning products, processes and factors. Areas of involvment are
- production process
- production technology
- Factory layout
- Allocating resources
- Long range planning and facility locations.

II. Operating decisions involves planning production to meet demand. Areas of concern are :
- Production planning systems
- Independent demand inventory systems
- Resource requirements plannning systems
- Shop floor planning & control
- Materials management
III. Control decisions for planning and controlling operations.
Attention should be paid on
- Productivity of employees
- Total quality control
- Project quality control
- Maintenance management and reliability

Role of managers calls for looking into the activities in conversion process. these activities are planning, organising, planning staff and other inputs and direct & control planned activities. at each level, operations managers are expected to take decisions and implment them too.

The decisions made by operations mangers about the activities of production systems tend to tall into three general categories viz;
- strategic decisions relating to products, processes and manufacturing facilities. these decisions are major ones, having srategic importance and long term specificance for the organisation.
- Operating decisions relating to planning production to meet demand. These decisions are necessary in order to ensure that , the ongoing production of goods and services meet the market demand and provides resonable profits for the organisation.

- Control decisions relating to planning and controlling operations. These decisions concern the day to day activities of workers, quality of products and services, production and overhead cost and mainteannce of machines.

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